Fontamara [Classic Serial]

By Ignazio Silone

One of Italy's classic anti-fascist novels portraying the bitter struggles and rebellion of the peasant farmers of Southern Italy during the 1930's.

Adapted for radio by Andrew Farrell Readman.



For years the villagers of Fontamara have suffered in silence, but when their only source of water is diverted to irrigate the fields of a Fascist landowner they decide to take action.

  • adapted for radio by - Andrew Farrell Readman
  • baldissera....christopher wilkinson
  • berardo....Adrian Bower
  • don achille....David Crellin
  • don circostanza....Robert Pickavance
  • elvira....Rina Mahoney
  • filippo il bello....Craig Cheetham
  • giova....David Horovitch
  • hon pelino....will tacey
  • innocenzo....will tacey
  • maria rosa....denise black
  • matale....ellie haddington
  • romolo....ben crompton
  • scarpone....matthew dunster
  • teofilo....Robert Pickavance
  • the student....michael begley
  • translated by eric mosbacher

  • 02 LAST2005013020050205

    Despite Berardo's attempts to escape the mounting trouble in Fontamara, his journey to Rome leads him into unexpected rebellion.