Food And Farming Awards 2018 [Food And Farming Awards]


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Andi Oliver and Sheila Dillon announce the winners of the BBC Food and Farming Awards 2018

Celebrating the best of British food

Andi Oliver, Alex James and Matt Tebbutt join Sheila Dillon for a night once dubbed 'the Oscars of the food world'; the BBC Food and Farming Awards 2018. The night that the country's best loved chefs, cooks and food writers gather to celebrate unsung food heroes. Farmers, community cooks, shop owners, food and drink producers; You nominated them in your thousands. Now, at the Food and Farming awards ceremony in Bristol, the winners are revealed.

Presented by Sheila Dillon
Produced in Bristol by Clare Salisbury.

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Sheila Dillon meets farming heroes, global food champions and hails a lifelong achievement

Celebrating the best of British food

Sheila Dillon presents the people and the stories behind this year's Food and Farming Awards. Hear the winner of this year's Derek Cooper Outstanding Achievement Award, join Adam Henson and Charlotte Smith as they go in search of the farmers in the running to win Countryfile's Farming Heroes Award 2018 and hear who became this year's Food Chain Global Champion.