Football's Loyal Fans



The comedian Ian Stone asks what makes a football fan travel the length and breadth of the country on a wet and windy winter's evening to watch their team play and possibly lose.

It's bad enough when you know you'll witness some decent football but when the quality of the game is even in question, why do hordes of fanatics follow their club over great distances for what can only end in disappointment and a long journey home. Add to the equation the prospect of a motorway services meal or a shocking burger at the ground and you have a recipe for misery.

Stand-up comedian and lifelong Arsenal fan Ian Stone joins a coach load of Wolverhampton Wanderers fans as they travel on one of their longest away-match journeys: to Carlisle United. En route he meets fans from Brighton, former players and academics as they try and uncover what's at the heart of football's loyal fans.

Presenter: Ian Stone

Producer: Martin Poyntz-Roberts.