Forgotten Heroes - The Indian Army In The Great War


012014080420141108Sarfraz Manzoor tells the forgotten story of the 1.27 million men from the Indian Army who fought valiantly in the Great War, through a series of the soldiers' letters written home from Western Front.

The Asian contribution to World War One has been almost completely overlooked in the history books, despite the fact that 1.27 million volunteer soldiers from the Indian Army fought valiantly alongside British troops in every major battle from Ypres to Gallipoli.

In this programme, on the centenary of the outbreak of the Great War, Sarfraz Manzoor tells the extraordinary story of these Indian soldiers, revealed through a selection of letters written home by sepoys themselves, which were saved by military censors and have survived to this day.

Today in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, there is a sense that the memory of the First World War has been forgotten as it is a 'colonial' war, but Sarfraz discovers how the centenary is bringing the memory of these sacrifices once again to the fore, and in Britain, he emphasises how important this story is as part of the WWI narrative.