Forgotten Waltz, The Things We Do For Love, The [Book At Bedtime]


08 LAST20110601

'The Forgotten Waltz' is Anne Enright's long-awaited novel, her first since 'The Gathering', which won the Man Booker 2007.

In a snow blanketed Dublin, Gina reflects on the last decade, from the moment she first caught a glimpse of Sean Vallely, through a haze of cigarette smoke, through the happenstance and lust, the hotel rooms and the secrets, that have brought down two marriages, three mortgages and left her a reluctant inhabitant of her childhood home. Startling, honest, witty and wry, Enright's novel captures the nuances and the bliss of an overwhelming attraction that becomes an affair and charts the gradual encroachment of reality, damage and a love that can't be ignored or surpassed.

In today's episode Gina realises what she owes to Evie - and what Evie will always have over her.

The Reader is Niamh Cusack.

The Abridger is Sally Marmion

The Producer is Di Speirs.