Forty-three Fifty-nine


20071026Former FSB agent Dmitri Petrovich, now a dissident living in London, thinks someone is trying to assassinate him.

As he races across London with his young daughter in an attempt to evade his pursuers, he is unaware that his fate is sealed and that he is living the final forty-three minutes and fifty-nine seconds of his life.

Dmitri....Oleg Mirochnikov

Masha....Meghan Heggerty

Yuri....Yuri Klimov

Gregor....Yuri Stepanov

Vera....Lasrissa Kesnetsova

Fedorovich....Constantine Gregory

Fedorovich's Secretary....Evetta Muradasilova

Head Teacher....Sarah Foster

Assassins20090803By John Dryden and Mike Walker.

Henry, a professional killer, is sent to Hastings to assassinate a hedge fund manager.

He has brought his daughter Cathy along, who he hopes will one day take over the family business.

But all is not right in Henry's mind, and what should be a routine job begins to spiral out of control.

Henry....Rob Jarvis

Bryant....Nicholas Farrell

Angela....Emily Beecham

Cathy....Meghan Haggerty

Wake20091116Comedy by Katie Hims.

The story of Jess' day trip to kiss her dead first love, Danny, goodbye.

One lie leads to another and, before they know it, Jess and her mother Avril are in a real pickle.

Jess....Claire Rushbrook

Avril....Rachel Davies

Joe....John Lightbody

Tara....Emily Beecham

Shane....Tom Meredith

Fiona....Kate Fitzgerald

Cab Driver....David Webber

A Goldhawk Essential production for BBC Radio 4.

Yara20080516City worker Grant knocks over a young woman, apparently on the run from a sex trafficking ring.

He offers her a lift, but as their progress through London is halted by traffic gridlock, he discovers that she is not what she seems.

He finds himself caught up in in an unfolding catastrophe in which many will die if he fails to act decisively.

Yara....Natasha Radski

Grant....Greg Hicks

With Laurentiu Possa, Ery Nzaramba and Rachel Atkins