A Forum On The Future Of The Nation State


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As arguments intensify about the future shape of Europe, will the nation state lose its meaning for the members of the European Community, but find new resonance in countries where nationalism has found a voice? John Simpson chairs the discussion among an international audience in the Grand

Committee Room of the House of Commons.

Leading the debate are the Rt Hon

John MacGregor , MP, Leader of the House of Commons; Jaques Attali , the President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development; Oleg Rumjancev , a leader of the Social Democratic

Party of the Russian

Federation; and Dimitrij Rupet , the Foreign

Minister of the Yugoslavian republic of Slovenia.

Producer Sheila Cook. Stereo


Unknown: John Simpson

Unknown: John MacGregor

Unknown: Jaques Attali

Unknown: Oleg Rumjancev

Unknown: Dimitrij Rupet

Producer: Sheila Cook.