Four Chekhov Comedies

He was the master of the very short story, and comic actor Alistair Mcgowan reads four of the best.


01Romance With Double Bass2000041120040522 (BBC7)
20050109 (BBC7)
20050110 (BBC7)
20060107 (BBC7)
20060108 (BBC7)

A double bass player heads to a villa to play music at a princess's engagement party.

02Boys2000041220060212 (BBC7)
20060213 (BBC7)

Two young lads concoct a plan to abscond to California and hunt for a living.

But how will the family take it?

03In The Dark - And - He Quarrelled With His Wife2000041320070520 (BBC7)
03In The Dark - And - He Quarrelled With His Wife20000413
04 LASTA Dreadful Night20000414