Four Walls

Jonathan Glancey looks at the living and working spaces that we create and the ways in which we inhabit them.


198C01Let There Be Light19980708Do we always use light in the most enlightened ways when designing our homes and offices? And does feeling safely illuminated mean that we have lost the ability to be comfortable in the dark?
198C02Taking Possession19980715How we stamp our identity on a place and the ways in which people from different cultures adapt their homes in Britain to suit their own needs.
198C03The Working Day19980722Hot-desking, air-conditioning and badly designed furniture - how much control should we have over the places we work? Does a room with a view open up a vista of possibilities or a wealth of distractions?
198C04Metropolis19980729How should our cities evolve - as playgrounds, public dwelling-places or shopping malls?
198C05The Madding Crowd19980805How well designed are public squares, restaurants and pubs.
198C06Hidden Places19980812Courtyards, cloisters and roof terraces - the charms of private domains.
198C07On The Move19980819Camper vans and hotel rooms - the charms and the drawbacks of the peripatetic home.
198C08 LASTPeace And Frenzy19980826The stress of garish designs, the tranquillity of good acoustics, and the importance of the Calm Corner at home.
199A01The Street Where You Live19990317Bollards, bus shelters, benches and bins - are we up to date with our choices of furniture for outdoor spaces?
199A02Roll Up, Roll Up!19990324How have architects and designers created centres of live entertainment - from ancient Rome's Colosseum to the Royal Court Theatre today?
199A03Remember The Old School Yard19990331How are our places of education built and designed, and do we need antiquity or modernity to create our own learning curve?
199A04 LASTUnderworld19990407The architectural and psychological problems of building, working and living underground - from the horrors of dungeons, crypts and cellars to the delights of modern-day earth-sheltered housing.