Francis Rossi - Here We Are And Here We Go



Nicky Campbell chats to Status Quo's frontman Francis Rossi, just before his 70th birthday and just after the release of his autobiography "I Talk Too Much". In a frank but friendly reminisce through his remarkable life and career he relives the moment he met his friend and fellow band member Rick Parfitt. We hear about his inspiration behind their first hit "Pictures of Matchstick Men", leading to their debut on Top of the Pops, a programme they appeared on a further 105 times, more than any other group. And we learn about the band's mixed relationship with the BBC and Radio 1 including being banned twice, the first time for being too racy with the track "Almost But Not Quite There" and the second for not being racy enough on their collaboration with The Beach Boys with "Fun Fun Fun". Although, they did achieve the rare John Peel seal of approval as he wrote in an EP sleeve note that: "many a disastrous gig was saved by a Quo record". Francis offers his opinion on their three chord criticism, how Hale and Pace performed a micky taking operatic version of "Whatever You Want", which was in fact not too far from its musical roots. Part 2 tomorrow will explore Francis's love of country music and their historic opening of "Live Aid".

In a frank but friendly chat, Nicky Campbell is joined by Francis Rossi.

In a frank but friendly chat Nicky Campbell is joined by Francis Rossi about his career.


In Part 2 of "Here We Are And Here We Go" Nicky Campbell chats to Francis Rossi about his incredible career which has spanned over 6 decades and he talks about whether all the artists left their egos at the door that historical morning while recording "Band Aid" and of course Status Quo's legendary opening at Live Aid which led to co-organiser Sir Bob Geldof saying: "There are only 2 acts people remember and that's Quo and Queen". We learn about his early love for country music, leading to hits like "Caroline", "Marguerita Time" and of course "Wild Side of Life". He is also very candid about the rock and roll lifestyle the band led, including drugs, alcohol and groupies. Francis is about to celebrate his 70th birthday and he has just released a solo CD "We Talk Too Much" and his fairly explosive autobiography "I Talk Too Much", a fact that he apologises for throughout the interview. It's a frank but friendly meander throughout the life and career of one of the best-selling rock artists in the world.

Nicky Campbell learns more about Francis Rossi's career, including opening at Live Aid.

In a frank but friendly chat Nicky Campbell is joined by Francis Rossi about his career.