Francois Couperin (1668-1773)


01The Couperin Clan20080602Francois Couperin belonged to an important dynasty of French musicians, spanning four generations from the late 16th century to the early 19th century.

Donald Macleod follows the progress of the Couperins from rural life in Chaume-en-Brie to establishment as professional musicians in bustling Paris.

Couperin: La Couperin (21st ordre)

Michael Borgstede (harpsichord)

Louis Couperin (c 1626-1661): Prelude a l'imitation de Monsieur Froberger (Suite de Pieces in A)

Asami Hirosawa (harpsichord)

Couperin: Ritratto dell'amore (9th Concert)

Francois Fernandez (violin)

Emmanuel Balssa (bass viol)

Elisabeth Joye (harpsichord)

Louis Couperin: Suite in D minor

Christopher Hogwood (harpsichord).

02Saint-gervais20080603Donald Macleod looks at the importance to the Couperin family of the church of Saint-Gervais in Paris, where generations of them were employed, beginning in Louis XIV's time with Louis Couperin and ending with Gervais-Francois Couperin's death in 1826.

Couperin: Tantum ergo sacramentum

Jill Feldman, Isabelle Poulenard (soprano)

Jaap ter Linden (bass viol)

Davitt Moroney (organ/harpsichord)

Louis Couperin: 5 Fantasies (excerpt)

Jan Willem Jansen (organ)

Couperin: Kyrie (Messe des paroisses)

Marie-Claire Alain (organ)

Couperin: La Sultanne

Francois Fernandez, Luis-Otavio Santos (violin)

Emmanuel Balssa, Jerome Hantai (bass viol)

Elisabeth Joye (harpsichord)

Couperin: 3rd tenebrae for 2 voices

Sandrine Piau, Veronique Gens (soprano)

Les Talens Lyriques

Christophe Rousset (organ)

Emmanuel Balssa (bass viol)

Armand-Louis Couperin: L'Afflige

Sophie Yates (harpsichord).

03Versailles20080604Donald Macleod explores Couperin's work in the royal court at Versailles, where Louis XIV personally auditioned him for the post of Organist of the Court Chapel.

Couperin's keyboard skills soon extended his duties and he taught harpsichord to many of the notable royals surrounding the sovereign, later becoming the court's Teacher and Master of Harpsichord, as well as playing in the King's select chamber concerts.

Le point du jour Allemande (22nd ordre)

Michael Borgstede (harpsichord)

Regina coeli laetare, Alleluia (petit motet)

Jill Feldman, Isabelle Poulenard (soprano)

Jaap Ter Linden (bass viol)

Davitt Moroney (organ)

La Raphaele; L'Ausoniene; Allemande; Premiere Courante; Sarabande l'unique; Gigue; Passacaille; La morinete (Livres de clavecin - Eighth ordre)

Christophe Rousset (harpsichord)

Concert Royaux (Fourth Concert)

Robert Claire (transverse flute)

Davitt Moroney (harpsichord)

Janet See (transverse flute)

La Belle Javotte, autrefois l'Infante

04The French-italian Question20080605The Italian influence on French music was a subject of great intellectual debate in Couperin's age, and Donald Macleod considers how the composer united the two styles in his music.

Couperin: Gigue La Francoise (First Ordre - Les Nations)

Quadro Amsterdam

Couperin: La Piemontoise (l'Astree) (Fourth Ordre - Les Nations)

Marc Roger Normand Couperin: Sarabande

Davitt Moroney (harpsichord)

Couperin: Usquequo Domine

Paul Agnew (countertenor)

Les Arts Florissants:

Maia Silberstein (violin)

Anne-Marie Lasla (viola da gamba)

Catherine Girard (violin)

William Christie (conductor)

Couperin: Les folies francoises, ou les dominos (Thirteenth Ordre - Book 3)

Bob van Asperen (harpsichord)

Couperin: Les gouts reunis (fourth concert)

Ensemble Couperin

Thomas Indermuhle (oboe)

Henk de Wit (bassoon)

Ursula Duetschler (harpsichord)

Couperin: Le parnasse or L'apotheose de Corelli

English Baroque Soloists

John Eliot Gardiner (conductor).

05 LASTCouperin The Dramatist20080606Donald Macleod sketches a portrait of Couperin from his music and explores the reasons why he never tried his hand at writing stage works.

Saillie (27th ordre, 4th book)

Christophe Rousset (harpsichord)

La Princesse de Chabeuil, ou La muse de Monaco

Robert Kohnen (harpsichord)

Prelude (L'art de toucher le clavecin)

Skip Sempe (harpsichord)

Pompe funebre (Pieces for viols - 2nd Suite)

Jordi Savall, Ariane Maurette (bass viol)

Ton Koopman (harpsichord)

Les gouts Reunis: 8th concert (dans le gout theatral)

Ensemble Couperin

Thomas Indermuhle (oboe)

Henk de Wit (bassoon)

Ursula Duetschler (harpsichord)

Les fastes de la grande et ancienne Mxnxstrxndxsx (11th ordre, 2nd book of harpsichord pieces)

Olivier Baumont (harpsichord).