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10 Nov 1991 23:25-00:00 (RADIO 3)

Recorded on 1987-04-24.

Producer: A. JOHN

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Radio 3


Donald Macleod and Paul Hindmarsh chart Bridge's relationship with pupil Benjamin Britten.

It may not be the legacy he was most proud of, but Bridge's fostering of a young Benjamin Britten's talents was crucial in the junior composer's career.

Donald Macleod is joined by Paul Hindmarsh to explore what was in Bridge's music that so transfixed Britten, and reveals a side to Bridge only seen through the eyes of his pupil.


Donald Macleod charts the impact of the First World War on Bridge's work.

Bridge enthusiast Paul Hindmarsh joins Donald Macleod to chart the massive impact which the First World War had on Bridge's works, both during the conflict and in its aftermath when the composer found inspiration for one of his most haunting creations.


Donald Macleod on how competitions and philanthropists helped Bridge's ambitions.

Whilst Bridge might have coveted fame and fortune in his career they were to prove elusive.

Donald Macleod and Paul Hindmarsh chart how the composer turned to music competitions and philanthropic figures to realise his artistic ambitions.

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Donald Macleod and Paul Hindmarsh discuss the final years of Bridge's career.

Bridge was not alone amongst composers in finding that what he wanted to write was not necessarily what the public wanted to hear.

To end the week, Donald Macleod and Bridge authority Paul Hindmarsh look at how, as the composer searched for a distinctive voice, he found himself increasingly at odds with his audience.