Fred Astaire - Step By Step

Michael Freedland presents a six-part centenary tribute to the incomparable dancer and singer born on 10 May 1899.


01Step One: The Perfectionist19990404With the voices of Fred, Adele and Ava Astaire, Larry Adler, Irving BERLIN, Irene Dunne, Rita Hayworth, Jack Lemmon, Hermes Pan and Ginger Rogers.
02Step Two: From Dancing Lesson To Dancing Lady19990411With the voices of Fred, Adele and Ava Astaire, Larry Adler, and Rita Hayworth, and George Gershwin at the piano.
03Step Three: Dream Dancing19990418With the voices of Fred and Ava Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Cyd Charisse, Eleanor Powell, Gene Kelly, Jack Lemmon, Barrie Chase and Michael Kidd.
04Step Four: Fred And Ginger19990425With the voices of George Burns, Pandro S Berman and Hermes Pan.
05Step Five: The Singer And The Songs19990502Featuring Fred Astaire's unique vocal interpretations of songs specially written for him by Gershwin, BERLIN, Kern and Porter.

With contributions from Dorothy Fields and Johnny Mercer.

06 LASTStep Six: Life After Ginger - The Last Dance19990509Featuring the voices of Fred Astaire, Cyd Charisse, Bing Crosby, Nanette Fabray, Ann Miller and Charles Walters.