The French Collection

A week of classic French short stories.


SS01Augustine De Villeblanche19970714By the Marquis de Sade, translated by Edward Marielle.

The tale of a suitor who goes to extraordinary lengths to win the woman of his dreams.

With Charles Dance narrating as de Sade.

SS02The Boy Spy19970715By Alphonse Daudet, read by Anton Lesser.

It is the winter of 1870 and Paris is under siege during the Franco-Prussian war.

A childish bit of fun turns into tragedy when the story's young hero unwittingly acts as a spy for the Prussians.

SS03Accursed House, The19970716By Emile Gaboriau, read by Alistair Mcgowan.

The tenants of the Rue de la Victoire in Paris grow increasingly worried when their landlord mysteriously lowers their rent.

What is the reason behind this astonishing act of generosity?

SS04Morning Glories1997071719970721By Colette, translated by Matthew Ward, read by Greta Scacchi.

Valentine's lover prefers her to be adorned and made-up rather than naked and natural, leading to some frank observations from Colette on a woman's fixation with personal appearance.

SS05 LASTOn Horseback19970718By Guy de Maupassant, translated by Mary Balairdie Green, read by Simon Russell Beale.

Hector de Gribelin belongs to a dying breed of aristocrat who still thinks that appearance counts for everything.

He gets his comeuppance when he takes his family for a ride in the country.