Fresh Air Kids [Documentary]

A new series of features and audio diaries exploring teenage life around Britain


0101Bransholme Babes20030714

It kicks off in Hull.

Kara is 15.

Several of her friends have got babies and others are pregnant, but when her best friend Eve joined the crowd, Kara was galvanised into recording her friends' experiences on a community radio project.

Sex on their estate starts from about the age of 12 so it's not surprising that contraception doesn't always play a part.

0102Odd Man Out20030715

Fresh Air Kids raises the question of how to react when the odd kid in the class is your cousin.

Kathryn loves George but finds his social ineptitude a heavy burden.

And we meet 16 year old Jon Adlard who describes himself as a 'white hat' hacker.

0103Safe Havens20030716

Daniel has grown up knowing that his dad was beating and bullying his mum.

When he recorded an interview earlier this year, he and his mum had finally moved into a refuge for victims of domestic violence.

Katie Holyoak is a synchronized swimmer.

It's a world of control, concentration and enormous cosiness.


There's a giraffe standing on my foot": so starts Natalie Catchpole's composition on the joys of philosophy.

Saddiqa Bi is a bit more grounded.

She discusses with family and friends how the attitude of her Pakistan-born parents has changed with the times.

0105 LASTLambing And Loafing20030718

Lambing, loafing and beautifying; three teenage audio diaries of a typical spring Saturday in and around Llandrindod Wells.

Andrew Meredith, Emlyn Pritchard and Nia Meredith attend the same school but their weekends couldn't be more different.