20130209by Catherine Johnson

Natalie can't believe her luck - Justin is, like, 25 and he really loves her. All her schoolfriends can't believe it. They only go out with boys, not men. If only Justin didn't owe those friends of his money. Then Nat wouldn't have to do those favours for him. With them. Still, as long as he loves her, that's OK.

This compassionate, uncompromising play looks behind the headlines at how vulnerable girls can be exploited and the effect it has on them. Contains the strongest language, violence and scenes of a sexual nature.

Natalie - Madeline Duggan

Justin - Carl Prekopp

Georgia - Lizzy Watts

Nan - Tilly Vosburgh

Mrs Adebole/Dr - Eleanor Crooks

Vic - Ben Crowe

Emma - Shannon Tarbet

Gamze - Candassaie Liburd

Lee - Will Howard

Director: Marion Nancarrow

Fresh Berries is Catherine Johnson's first play for radio. She has written for film and tv, including "Bullet Boy", directed by Saul Dibb, and Simon Schama's "Rough Crossings". She enjoys writing novels for young teenagers: her books include "A Nest of Vipers" and "Brave New Girl". Catherine spent a year as writer in residence in Holloway Prison and has also worked in Feltham Young Offenders Institute. She is currently on the BBC Writers' Academy. She is a Londoner and lives in Hackney.