SP01Freud: The Case Histories, Dora20120211

Deborah Levy's dramatisation of Sigmund Freud's iconic case study 'Dora' translated by Shaun Whiteside.

1899 finds a father imploring Sigmund Freud to treat his daughter after discovering her intention to end her life. When Dora first comes to Freud she suffers from a loss of voice, a debilitating cough and a limp. Dream analysis is the key to unlocking the causes of Dora's condition, and as Freud's treatment continues, secrets, seduction and betrayal are uncovered.

Freud....Robert Glenister

Dora....Olivia Hallinan

Papa....Gerard McDermott

Mama....Tracy-Ann Oberman

Herr K/Coachman....Alun Raglan

Frau K....Susie Riddell

Madame Petrova....Tracy Wiles

Directed by Elizabeth Allard

Deborah Levy's dramatisation of "The Wolfman: A History of Infantile Neurosis" can be heard at the same time next week. Deborah Levy writes fiction, plays and poetry. Her work has been staged by the Royal Shakespeare Company, and she is the author of several novels. Her latest is the acclaimed "Swimming Home" which is soon to be a Book at Bedtime.

A father begs Freud to treat his daughter, after discovering her intention to end her life

SP02 LASTFreud: The Case Histories, The Wolf Man20120218

Deborah Levy's dramatisation of Sigmund Freud's iconic case study 'The Wolf Man- The History of an Infantile Neurosis' translated by Shaun Whiteside.

It is 1910 when the depressed son of a wealthy Russian landowner arrives in Vienna. Sergei Pankejeff, 24 years old, is suffering from debilitating fears and phobias. Freud's treatment of Pankejeff is centred around an enigmatic dream his patient had as a very young child; a dream of white wolves. Freud invites Sergei to return to his childhood as a means of understanding his current depression. Analysing the child inside the man Freud unlocks the meaning of the wolves that haunt Sergei's dreams

FREUD....Robert Glenister

SERGEI PANKEJEFF (80)....Andrew Sachs

SERGEI PANKEJEFF (23)....Blake Ritson

SERGEI PANKEJEFF (10)....Ted Allpress


MOTHER....Susie Riddell

ANNA....Amelia Clarkson

NANJA....Elaine Claxton


TAILOR....Simon Bubb

VIOLINIST....Ruth Schulten

Directed by Nadia Molinari.

Freud treats a young man's depression by analysing his childhood dream of white wolves.