Fright Night - Rosemary's Baby


20161029Kim Cattrall reads Ira Levin's darkly brilliant tale of modern devilry.
20161029Kim Cattrall reads the classic best-selling horror about a young, newly married couple who move into a fashionable Manhattan block which harbours a terrifying secret.

A special Halloween one-off abridgement of this darkly brilliant tale of modern devilry by Ira Levin (The Boys From Brazil, The Stepford Wives) which later was faithfully adapted by Roman Polanski into an Academy award-winning film starring Mia Farrow. According to film-making legend, Polanski didn't realise he was allowed to make changes, having never adapted a novel before. Whether or not this was true, the fact remains that nearly every line of dialogue in the film was taken from the novel's text.

Sex and the City star Kim Cattrall, who was directed by Roman Polanski in The Ghost Writer, is making her radio reading debut on Radio 4.

Reader: Kim Cattrall

Abridger: Jeremy Osborne

Producer: Karen Rose

A Sweet Talk production for BBC Radio 4.