Fringe Fictions

Five comic stories from the Pleasance Cabaret Bar in Edinburgh.


01Angela Makes Her Mark19990816by Patricia Hannah.

`Angela Strang? I have not seen her for ages - not since the incident at the opening of the Scottish Parliament'.

Read by Vivienne Dixon

02The Rambler19990817written and performed by Johnny Meres.

It is Tuesday out on Bobbington Moor - and time for a surreal meander through the countryside in the company of the local radio station's roving rural expert.

03Bus Stop19990818by Penelope Lively.

A passenger on the No 73 bus is taken aback when she recognises the strangely distinguished-looking conductor.

Read by Irene Macdougall

04A Shocking Accident19990819by Graham Greene.

Bad news is hard to cope with.

But, as Jerome discovers when called to his housemaster's study, it is even harder when the news is ridiculous as well.

Read by Crawford Logan

05 LASTThe Turn Of The Native19990820written and performed by Kate Copstick.

A mercenary Edinburgh landlady offers a resident's acerbic observations on the city's annual festival.