From Gorsemere To Gloomsbury - The Literary Lunacy Of Sue Limb



Shaun Ley takes listeners on a three-hour guided tour through a world of literacy lunacy that flows from the pen of dramatist Sue Limb.

The voyage of parody takes the listener from the Lake District retreat of Romantic poets – a rural idyll rocked by the arrival of the philandering Lord Biro – to gardens of Sizzlinghurst Castle and the “very modern” politics and personal lives of the Gloomsbury set.

The English Civil War gets cavalier treatment in The Sit Crom, where a scullery maid attempts to save a king, while in present-day Norwich two sisters attempt to save their Bed and Breakfast in Alison & Maud.

Shaun discusses the ideas and inspiration behind Sue’s writing with the author herself and talks about turning scripts into performance with regular cast members, Nigel Planer and Miriam Margolyes.

This showcase features episodes of The Wordsmiths of Gorsemere, Gloomsbury, The Sit Crom and Alison & Maud. There are performances by, among others, Joss Ackland, Denise Coffey, Geoffrey Whitehead, Simon Callow and Tim Curry.

Producer: Adam Bowen.

Shaun Ley's tour through the world of literacy lunacy that flows from the pen of Sue Limb.