From Megaphone To Microphone

An eight-part history of British theatre and its technology.


01Can You Hear Me At The Back?19990921

Russell Davies journeys from Cornwall's outdoor Minack Theatre to the acoustic perfection of Birmingham Symphony Hall, in search of the technical changes which have affected the sound of performance.

02Somewhere There19990928

Russell Davies traces the technical development of architectural practice in theatres of the 20th century and sees how this has altered performance.

03Lurking In The Shadows19991005

Russell Davies views the pre-electricity days of candlelight in the theatres and discovers the revolution of the trimmable wick and the shocking arrival of gas light.

04Let There Be Light19991012

Russell Davies looks at the technological achievements in theatre lighting from the arrival of electricity.

How did one man's research into war radar affect performance? And how did the Compton organ become a standard controller of lighting in Drury Lane?

05The Sound Machine19991019

Russell Davies traces the impact of recorded sound on the world of performance, from the earliest pre-recorded atmosphere tracks to the modern expectation of CD-quality sound.

06Trickery, Effect And Technology19991026

Russell Davies looks at how technological advance in industry has brought changes in the theatre, from automated scenery straight from the mills to new set paints developed in the building trade.

07Showing Vision19991102

Russell Davies looks at how technology in the theatre developed compared to that of cinema and television.

08 LASTRobots In The House19991109

Russell Davies finds out how intelligent lighting, virtual Elvises and video projection are becoming a reality in our live performance spaces.