From Russia With Long


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Presenters Janice Long and Simon Mayo

Tonight's Janice Long Show comes from the studios of Gostelradio in Moscow, where Janice convenes the first Radio 1 Youth Summit.

'Arms talks to reach summer climax'

'Glasnost opens doors to the East'

'Russian bands tour UK cities' Behind the headlines and the superpower talks, how much do we know about everyday life for young Russians?

Radio 1 provides the first opportunity for groups of young people from the UK and the USSR to hold their own summit talks. Over a special radio link they'll share experiences and swap ideas on everything from arms talks to fashion - music to education - drug abuse to unemployment.

Simon Mayo will be with a panel of young Brits in Bristol, while Janice joins the Moscow team. Producer BILL MORRIS 0 BACK PAGES: 86

Genome: [r1 Bd=19870716]

Presenters: Janice Long

Presenters: Simon Mayo

Unknown: Simon Mayo

Producer: Bill Morris