Funny Kind Of Family [Radio Scotland]


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Storm damaged family trees, unwelcome step parents, estranged fathers and DNA tests; not things that you’d normally expect to laugh at but in this programme that’s exactly what we’d like you to do. Host Julia Sutherland explores the dark corners of three comedians’ family history to find out the true stories behind the laughs.

Jo Jo Sutherland was raised in a castle and has a family structure worthy of any medieval power struggle. Live from the stage she tries to explain how her daughters are cousins and why throughout all the hardships and emotion strains she has held her nearest and dearest close no matter what. Fern Brady has recently had to face the prospect of her father getting remarried; on stage she is brash and unforgiving and later in private she shares her true experiences and reasons for her distaste at the person she is expected to include in her life. Thom Tuck closes the show with his story of meeting his estranged father in adulthood. His particular character makes what could have been a tragic story a charming and funny tale, laced with a great love for his mother and the man he has always called Dad.
Recorded live in Edinburgh.

Julia Sutherland introduces comedians who tackle the taboos of family life.

Julia Sutherland explores the family lives of comedians.