Furys, The

By James Hanley, dramatised by Kevin Fegan.

This powerful family saga follows the fortunes of the Fury family.

With Brenda Fricker, Tony Rohr, Annabelle Dowler and Susan Twist.

Directed by Melanie Harris

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WH0120010226By James Hanley, dramatised by Kevin Fegan.|This powerful family saga follows the fortunes of the Fury family.|With Brenda Fricker, Tony Rohr, Annabelle Dowler and Susan Twist.|Directed by Melanie HarrisIn LIVERPOOL, 1912, disgraced youngest son Peter makes a dramatic return.
WH0220010227Peter Fury is terrified of telling his mother why he has been expelled from college by the priests.
WH0320010228Determined to avoid his mother, Peter Fury leaves the house and is caught up in a violent street protest.
WH0420010301Peter visits his brother Desmond and immediately falls for his sister-in-law, Sheila.
WH0520010302Fanny Fury finally agrees that Peter should go to sea.|But he has other ideas.
WH0620010305Fanny Fury almost forgets about her debts when her husband takes her out for a night at the Lyric.
WH0720010306Peter's return is the perfect excuse for his father's escape to sea.
WH0820010307Peter begs his brother's wife to run away with him.
WH0920010308Fanny Fury has trouble paying the money lender.
WH1020010309Furious with rejection, Peter goes in search of vengeance.
WH1120010312Peter's jail sentence is enough to send his mother into a state of collapse.
WH1220010313As the war draws nearer, Denny has his orders to sail and Fanny starts work cleaning troop ships.
WH1320010314Fanny writes to Denny at sea, but hears nothing until a news report announces that his boat has been torpedoed.
WH1420010315Fanny accedes to her children's request that a memorial service be held for their father.
WH15 LAST20010316True to form, Denny Fury turns up for his own funeral.