Fusion Confidential [Drama]


20201024Dedicated young physicist, Jane, makes a discovery that she believes will enable nuclear fusion and pave the way for limitless clean energy. She confides in her opera-singer flatmate, Elvira. But Elvira realises that her brilliant, idealistic friend will need to be protected from all the vested interests out in the world.

Charlotte Ritchie and Cecilia Appiah star in a comedy about nuclear science - and opera - by Marcy Kahan.


Elvira....Charlotte Ritchie
Jane....Cecilia Appiah
Alex....Adam Fitzgerald
Luba Lampedusa....Tamara Ustinov
Alicia Mittelbaum....Charlotte East
Dmitri 2....Carl Prekopp

With additional music from Helen Neeves, Tom Raskin and Jessica Gillingwater from the BBC Singers and pianist Christopher Weston

Technical producer....Keith Graham
Directed by Emma Harding

A BBC Audio production for BBC Radio 4

A young physicist makes a discovery that might change the world. A nuclear science comedy.

Drama from BBC Radio 4