The Garrick Year [Drama]


DRAMA20200405A new adaptation of Margaret Drabble's 1964 novel set in a very swinging sixties. Dramatised by Robin Brooks.

Emma Evans is forced to sacrifice a job in television when her actor husband, David, insists on dragging his young family off for a season at a new theatre in the provinces. Emma, dogged by a baby, a toddler and an active conscience, observes the goings-on backstage with a detached amusement, until charismatic director Wyndham comes on the scene.

Soon, she finds herself out of her depth in more ways than one

Emma Evans ….. Melody Grove
David Evans….. Trystan Gravelle
Wyndham Farrar….. Tom Burke
Sophy Brent ….. Georgina Strawson
Michael Fenwick….. Mark Spalding
Mary Summers..... Phoebe Fildes
Pascal / Young Woman ….. Rose Reade
Jimmy / Henry ..... Karan Gill
Flora ….. Rose Shepherd Lewis
Joseph ….. Louis Mason Dedieu

Additional White Devil Actors ..... Richard Bates and Simon Maier

Director / Producer : Fiona McAlpine
Sound Design : Alisdair McGregor
Broadcast Assistant : Sarah Tombling

An Allegra production for BBC Radio 4

In Margaret Drabble\u2019s novel an actor\u2019s wife finds life in rep more than she bargained for.

Drama from BBC Radio 4