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Barry Manilow20200125

Gary Barlow talks to the international superstar Barry Manilow about his life and career. Reluctant to take centre stage and preferring the life of accompanist and arranger, Manilow graduated to singing his own songs after writing advertising jingles and working in American television on an early forerunner of an X Factor style talent show. He talks about how he was reluctant to record a song called 'Brandy', but how as' Mandy' it gave him his breakthrough hit; how songs like 'Copacobana' came to be written; and how important the musical arrangements of his songs still are to him after a career that has included some 75 million record sales, countless performances, television shows, albums and musicals from Brooklyn to Broadway.

Gary Barlow talks to singer-songwriter Barry Manilow about his life and work.

Gary Barlow speaks to fellow acclaimed songwriters.

Jeff Lynne20200118

In episode three of Gary Barlow’s ‘We Write the Songs’ Gary talks to Jeff Lynne. Not only a songwriter, but also producer, sound engineer, instrumentalist and singer. The two discuss the inspiration behind the Electric Light Orchestra, how Lynne works in the studio to achieve his tracks, how the musical ideas are born and how he writes his lyrics. They talk about the importance of chord sequences to his work and how one of Jeff Lynne’s most famous songs ‘Mr Blue Sky’ came to be. They also discuss Lynne’s collaborations and producing successes with ‘The Travelling Wilburys, Roy Orbison and Tom Petty.

Gary Barlow talks to Jeff Lynne, singer songwriter, engineer and producer behind The ELO.

Gary Barlow speaks to fellow acclaimed songwriters.

Max Martin2018121920200104 (R2)

Gary Barlow begins his new series on Radio 2 with one of the most successful song writers of all time – Max Martin. Winner of the American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) Best Songwriter of the Year eleven times, seven times consecutively; writer of twenty two Billboard Hot 100 number one hits; selling in excess of 140 million records; Martin has produced a succession of hits for Britney Spears, The Backstreet Boys, Westlife, Kelly Clarkson, Pink, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, Celine Dion and more, and currently has a successful musical ‘& Juliet’ featuring many of his songs playing in London’s West End. And yet as successful as he is, Martin is remarkably low profile. In this rare interview, he explains how he works, what it takes to make hit records, and how he collaborates with today’s major pop artists.

Gary Barlow meets Max Martin - hit maker for Britney, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and more.

Gary Barlow speaks to fellow acclaimed songwriters.

Sir Paul McCartney20200111

In the second episode of his series ‘We Write the Songs’ Gary Barlow talks to the legendary Paul McCartney about his career and song writing.
He reveals how he and John Lennon only began writing original songs because other bands were doing the same covers that The Beatles were doing at The Cavern in Liverpool; discusses the influence of Sir George Martin on the arranging of their songs; and explains how he and John Lennon rarely wrote any musical notation down, but relied on lyrics and chord symbols alone. The result would often be that they would arrive in the studio, not remembering their own melodies and having to recall them just from the chords and lyrics. Sir Paul also talks about how the brilliance of George Harrison and Ringo Starr in the studio, contributed to some of the greatest hits in popular music.

Gary Barlow talks to the legendary Sir Paul McCartney about his career and song writing.

Gary Barlow speaks to fellow acclaimed songwriters.