Genevieve [William Rose]


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Remember the classic 1953 fim starring Kenneth More, John Gregson, Dinah Sheridan, Kay Kendall and two vintage cars? Probably the first British road movie as well as a wonderful romantic comedy,

Genevieve is the the story of two men behaving badly with their cars and their women on the annual London to Brighton car run.

Adapted by Adrian Bean from the original screenplay by William Rose.

Alan.... Michael Maloney
Wendy.... Amanda Root
Ambrose.... Robert Bathurst
Rosalind.... Samantha Bond
Miss Windsor.... Jennie Stoller
Commentator.... David Holt
Roger.... Kenny Blyth
Policeman.... Phillip Joseph
Harry.... Jonathan Keeble
Mechanic.... Alex Trinder
Old Gent.... Gordon Reid
Sidney.... Jack Miller

Director: Tracey Neale

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in April 2001.

Two men behave badly with their vintage cars. Adapted from the 1953 film comedy.