Ghost Stories By H G Wells


01The Moth20170626 (BBC7)

When one of a pair of rival entomologists dies, the other believes he discovers a species.

02The Story Of The Late Mr Elvesham20170627 (BBC7)

An old stranger makes a medical student his heir. Read by David McAlister.

03The Temptation Of Harringay20170628 (BBC7)

Any artist can take criticism, but what happens when the painting itself has an opinion?

04The Inexperienced Ghost20170629 (BBC7)

When a man comes across an unconvincing apparition, he helps it out. But at a cost.

05The Stolen Body20170630 (BBC7)

When a researcher experiments with astral projection, an interested party intervenes.

06The Door In The Wall20170703 (BBC7)

Lionel Wallace spends his life searching for a lost world behind a door in a white wall.