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Isolated in a railway waiting room several passengers hear the tale of the ghost train.

Arnold Ridley's 1920s thriller.

A train speeds to Cornwall with a diverse group of travellers anxious to reach their destination.

We've had many requests for a repeat of this Arnold Ridley stage-play.

Newly-weds Charlie and Peggy find themselves stranded for the night in an isolated railway waiting room with a variety of characters; from the elderly lady with an over active imagination to the couple Richard and Elsie who are attempting to mend their marriage.

As they wait for the train to Truro, due in the morning, the Station master tells them a ghostly tale.

Starring Adam Godley, David Brooks, Alison Pettitt, Tracy Ann Oberman and Hugh Dickson, it was directed by Marion Nancarrow and was first broadcast on Radio 4 in January 1998.

Spooky goings-on when passengers are marooned at a remote station.

Written by Arnold 'Dad's Army' Ridley.

A group of passengers are marooned at a spooky, deserted station.

Stars Adam Godley.

Written by Dad's Army's Private Godfrey.

Starring Adam Godley.

Arnold Ridley's 1920s thriller, adapted by Shaun McKenna.

As the last steam train speeds from LONDON to Cornwall, it carries a disparate group of travellers, all anxious to reach their destination.

The last thing any of them needs is the object of a terrible local superstition...

With Adam Godley, David Brooks and Alison Pettitt.

Director Marion Nancarrow