Ghosts Of Heathrow [ad]


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Heathrow is Europe's busiest airport with 190,000 visitors each day. It is also the setting of a conspicuously large number of ghost stories. On Runway 1 there have been recurring sightings of a wandering man wearing a pin-striped suit and bowler hat, dating back to the 1948 DCS Dakota plane crash, Heathrow's first major air incident.

Based on original research interviews, Ghosts of Heathrow draws on this and other pieces of local folklore to create a psychic adventure set in and around the airport.

Martin is a senior marketing consultant based in San Diego attending a conference in Heathrow. The night before his presentation he receives an unwelcome visitor in his hotel room. Forced out into the wilds of Hounslow Heath he finds himself chasing down some ghosts of his own.

Writer Sebastian Baczkiewicz is the creator of the returning Radio 4 series Pilgrim, and one of the UK's leading radio dramatists.

Written by Sebastian Baczkiewicz

Produced / directed by Joby Waldman

Sound design by Eloise Whitmore

A Somethin Else production for BBC Radio 4.