The Ghosts Of N-space


20040524 (BBC7)
20040525 (BBC7)
20050424 (BBC7)
20050425 (BBC7)

The Brigadier takes a break on an Italian island, but the local mafia and a haunting presence mean it's time to call the Doctor.

Recorded on 1994-11-06.

DRWHO021996012720040525 (BBC7)
20040526 (BBC7)
20050501 (BBC7)
20050502 (BBC7)

Recorded on 1994-11-07

Who is the ghostly apparition that appears on the cliff tops? And why does the Mafia want the Doctor and friends off the Island?

20040526 (BBC7)
20040527 (BBC7)
20050508 (BBC7)
20050509 (BBC7)

The Doctor and Sarah Jane visit the 19th century to try to unravel the island's ghostly mystery.

Recorded on 1994-11-09.

20040527 (BBC7)
20040528 (BBC7)
20050515 (BBC7)
20050516 (BBC7)

The Doctor and Sarah find themselves trapped in the 16th Century.

The Doctor and Sarah find themselves trapped in the 16th century and suspect that they've met Maximilian before!

Recorded on 1994-11-10.

20040528 (BBC7)
20040529 (BBC7)
20050522 (BBC7)

The Doctor and Sarah discover that Maximillian is alive and well. But how can he be if they destroyed him in the 16th Century?

The Doctor and Sarah return from the 16th century having destroyed the evil Maximilian. So how can he still be alive?

Recorded on 1994-11-11.

DRWHO06 LAST1996022419970128
20040531 (BBC7)
20040601 (BBC7)
20050529 (BBC7)
20050530 (BBC7)

Maximilian has escaped into N Space. The Doctor has one option - to follow his enemy and confront him in the very pits of hell.

Recorded on 1994-11-13.