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Jack Monroe is an unusual food writer, gaining celebrity from her unique blog about existing on the breadline. During that time, she hit rock bottom but kept fighting to eat well and give her son proper food, rather than live on processed, cheap products. Now successful and no longer on the breadline, she continues to campaign passionately for decent food and standards of living.

This new drama, starring Jaime Winstone and June Whitfield, revisits her past and her relationship with her beloved Grandma.

Jack's blog started in 2012 after a Southend local councillor attacked single mothers. Jack lived in a small flat with her young son. Having been made redundant from a well-paid job, she found herself struggling to get by on benefits while applying unsuccessfully for jobs. Her blog documented the difficulties of living on welfare and, particularly, how to feed her son a nutritious and enjoyable diet on just £10 a week. It became a huge hit, Jack became a journalist, published food writer and social campaigner.

Sarah Daniels is an award winning radio writer. In 2014, she dramatised Nigel Slater's food memoir, Eating for England, for BBC Radio 4. She has drawn on Jack Monroe's written recipe books, blogs and direct conversations to reveal the personal story behind Jack's years of struggling and subsequent fame.

"Poverty isn't just having no heating, or not quite enough food, or unplugging your fridge and turning your hot water off. It's not a tourism trade, it's not cool, and it's not something that MPs on a salary of £65k a year plus expenses can understand, let alone our PM who states that we're all in this together.

Poverty is the sinking feeling when your small boy finishes his one weetabix and says 'more mummy, bread and jam please mummy' as you're wondering whether to take the TV or the guitar to the pawn shop first, and how to tell him that there is no bread or jam."

Jack Monroe, 30 July 2012 Hunger Hurts blog

Episode 5:

Jack is nominated for the Fortnum and Mason Food and Drink Awards and invites her Grandma to be her guest.

Guitar playing by Dan Cocker

Production Co-ordinator: Sarah Kenny

Sound design: Eloise Whitmore

Producer: Polly Thomas

Executive Producer: Joby Waldman

A Somethin' Else production for BBC Radio 4.

Jack is nominated for the Food and Drink Awards and invites her grandma to be her guest.