Girl Who Didn't Want To Be, The [Frederick Bradnum]


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20210307 (BBC7)
"Do you know about the crowns? Virgin crowns. Unique to this church, you know. If a person is born, baptised and dies in the parish, above the age of puberty, and is a virgin, then the next of kin ask for a virgin crown. There is a sort of calling of the banns, so that if anyone wants to object they can."

When Maggie Bell died, no one did actually object, though there were several who should have done. But Maggie herself objects quite strongly.

A serious comedy for radio by Frederick Bradnum.

Starring Simon Cadell as Timothy Turner, Joanna David as Pamela Turner, Christopher Benjamin as Harold Thorpe and Angela Pleasence as Maggie Bell.

Best remembered as Jeffrey Fairbrother from the BBC's Hi-de-Hi!, Simon Cadell was born: 19th July 1950 and died 6th March 1996.

Directed by Jane Morgan.

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 1978.

An unhappy spirit resents the status she has been awarded in her local church.