Give Kindness A Chance [Radio Wales]


2021032120210324 (RW)Matt Callanan explores the science of kindness and how it has changed people's lives.

We all know that it's good to be kind; but what good can kindness do for us?

In Give Kindness A Chance, Matt sets out to find inspiring people whose lives have been changed by the domino effect of kindness, and uncover whether there's any scientific proof of what living compassionately can do for all of us.

Inspired by his dad's legacy of good deeds, Cardiff's Matt Callanan started his kindness project, ‘We Make Good Happen' when he and his wife Andrea had their son. He embarked on a campaign of random acts of kindness which went viral and landed him on TV, radio and in the Sunday Times' Alternative Rich List.

Joanna Suvarna's Be The Ripple campaign for kinder workplaces attracted a genuine pop star; The Kindness Diaries' Leon Logothetis circumnavigated the globe relying on the generosity of strangers and Jaime Thurston founded 52 Lives, a charity that aims to change someone's life every single week. They share the joys, challenges and lessons they've learned by harnessing the power of kindness.

And world-renowned professor of neurosurgery, James R Doty unpacks the surprising benefits that being compassionate can offer for our physical and mental health.

Matt Callanan explores how kindness has changed people's lives and the science behind it.