Glasgow School Of Art - Rising From The Ashes



In May 2014 a major fire ripped through Charles Rennie Mackintosh's landmark building, the Glasgow School of Art. Many of the fourth year students were completing their work for the degree show, much of which was destroyed.

The story of the recovery, for the building, the art school and the students.

Glasgow School of Art is considered one of Charles Rennie Mackintosh's finest buildings, a much celebrated landmark perched on top of one of the city's many hills. The fire that tore through the school in May sent shock waves across the world, and left a genuine sense of bereavement in the city of Glasgow itself.

Now Glasgow School of Art is looking to the future again, and beginning the process of recovery. The fourth year students whose work was lost in the fire have been offered 'Phoenix Bursaries'. Plans are being considered for the renovation of the building itself, opening a debate about what should be done to preserve and retain the character of Charles Rennie Mackintosh's original design.

The Glasgow School of Art is of international importance, and its future is hotly debated at a conference in Venice as part of the Architecture Biennale.

We go behind the scenes at the art school to find out what will happen next to one of Glasgow's best loved landmarks, and the impact on those who work and study there.