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SBH:Ben Elton interviewed about his work and first play 'Gasping'. Refs. to his family's attitude to his work and says it's time to give 'Blackadder' a rest. Interviewer: Gloria Hunniford. From The Gloria Hunniford Show.

PRE:Band 2 (5'14"") Family's reaction to his work - thought 'The Young Ones' good in parts. Would be concerned if he thought he'd offended or worried his mother. People whose opinions he trusts. Band 3 (6'25"") 'Gasping' - learning to cope with technical problems. 4 rewrites - now more disciplined piece. Is about ""designer air"". Roles of Bernard Hill and Hugh Laurie. Is nervous about the opening. Band 4 (2'06"") Works quickly - but only during the day. After 'Blackadder Goes Forth' has run out of roast rat jokes - time to give 'Blackadder' a rest.

Broadcast history

04 Jun 1990 00:00-00:00 (RADIO 2)


Gloria Hunniford (int)

Ben Elton (Speaker)

Notes: CAIRS 200985.