Goblin Market [Drama]

By Abigail Docherty.

Classic tale of temptation, desire and love based on the poem by Christina Rossetti


20200711By Christina Rossetti, a story of sisterhood and addiction.

Drama from BBC Radio 4

Christina Rossetti's iconic Victorian poem of passion and redemption dramatised, and woven with original song, and testimony from sisters whose lives have been caught up in the cycle of addiction.

Christina Rossetti.... Ellie Piercy
Laura.... Kathleen Cranham
Lizzie.... Anjana Vasan
Goblins.... Ed Gaughan, Joel MacCormack & Chris Lew Kum Hoi
Children.... Eliza & Orla Pearce.
Singers.... Stephen Jeffes, Tom Raskin & Edward Price

Singing producer.... Jonathan Manners.
Composer.... James Maloney
Sound.... Peter Ringrose
Documentary producer.... Georgia Catt
Adapted & directed.... Jessica Dromgoole

Sometimes mistaken for a children’s poem, Goblin Market is a complex and elusive treatment of addiction, sexual awakening, religious fervour and love. Sharing the music and acoustic of the romantic whirlwind of the poem with testimony stories of modern addiction and protection adds to its power and relevance. The programme reflects on the real pain and trauma often overlooked in the poem, and at the same time, sees the poetry and depth in real experiences of addiction and salvation.

Created and recorded in lockdown, with the actors and singers all in separate acoustically protected rooms, and the interviewees all recording themselves, the programme is testament to the skills of the sound engineer, and the enduring truth that anything is possible in audio drama.