The God Of Small Things

By Arundhati Roy

Adapted by Tanika Gupta

A tale of forbidden cross-caste love and what a community will do to protect the old ways.


0120040712When Rahel returns to Kerala to be re-united with her twin brother Estha, painful memories of the past come flooding back.
  • ammu....thushani weerasekera
  • baby kochamma....Josephine Welcome
  • chacko....vincent ebrahim
  • directed in manchester by Nadia Molinari
  • estha....richard sumitro
  • inspector matthew....raad rawi
  • kochu maria....adlyn ross
  • mammachi....shaheen khan
  • margaret....siobhan finneran
  • original music by nitin awhney
  • original music by nitin sawhney
  • rahel....yasmin wilde
  • sophie mol....poppy rush
  • vellya paapen....badi uzzaman
  • velutha....paul bhattacharjee
  • young estha....shakeel ahmed
  • young rahel....jatinder purewal
  • 02Baby Kochamma's Story20040713Baby Kochamma's hatred of untouchables is fuelled when she gets caught up in a Communist Party Demonstration.
    03Ammu's Story20040714Ammu escapes a violent husband and takes refuge in her parents' house where she falls for the untouchable carpenter Velutha.
    04Chacko's Story20040715Everything changes for Rahel and Estha when Chacko's ex-wife Margaret arrives in Kerala with their daughter Sophie Mol.
    05Mammachi's Story20040716Mammachi is horrified to discover that the untouchable carpenter Velutha has been overstepping the boundaries.
    06Sophie Mol's Story20040719Tragedy strikes when the children run away from home.
    07Velutha's Story20040720When Velutha's relationship with Ammu is discovered, is there anyone they can turn to for help?
    08The Aftermath20040721Baby Kochamma's hatred and fear of untouchables leads to devastating consequences.
    09The Separation20040722The twins are separated following Sophie Mol's death but will Ammu succeed in reuniting the family?
    10 LASTThe Lovers20040723Rahel and Estha call into question the 'Love Laws' as they remember Velutha and their beloved mother, Ammu.