God's Own Country

Matt Smith reads from Ross Raisin's compelling and disturbing tale of adolescence on the edge, set on the Yorkshire Moors.



Sam watches the arrival of a new family from London as they move into the farmhouse next door.

His attention is particularly caught by the young daughter.

Despite his parents' warnings, Sam can only keep his distance for so long.


Sam's first attempt to make the acquaintance of his new neighbours ends in disaster when he forgets to warn them to check his gift of wild mushrooms for maggots.

He is also worried that they will find out about about his troubled past, in particular about the incident with Katie Carmichael.

But a chance meeting renews his hopes of friendship with the daughter.


When his father sells his favourite pup Sal, Sam has no choice in the matter.

Farmers can't afford to be sentimental about their animals.

But the girl from a neighbouring farmhouse persuades him that together they can steal Sal back.


Sam and the girl next door have stolen back his favourite pup Sal.

Given Sam's past, which includes an alleged attempt to rape a schoolmate, his parents are concerned about the friendship developing between the two teenagers.

But Sam's attentions are more preoccupied with the arrival on the scene of the girl's new boyfriend.


The landscape Sam loves is changing rapidly with new housing developments, delicatessens and chain pubs to cater for the latest incomers from the city.

But Sam is more preoccupied with his developing relationship with the rebellious teenage girl from a neighbouring farm.

Luckily, nobody has told her about Sam's troubled past and the incident with Katie Carmichael.


Sam's parents have been concerned at his growing friendship with the daughter of the family who have recently moved into the neighbouring farmhouse.

When the rebellious teenage girl asks Sam to help her run away from home, he doesn't hesitate and the two of them set out across the moors.


What starts out as an exciting adventure soon turns into something more disturbing as Sam's mind descends into a state of dangerous delusion.


The adventure started to turn sour when the two runaways stole food from a village store and Sam smashed the shop window.

The girl is beginning to regret her decision and wants to turn back, but Sam is having none of it.

Now entertaining dangerous delusions about the nature of their relationship, he starts planning for their future together.


Sam has seen a newspaper reporting his apparent abduction of the girl.

With the police on their trail, he knows he needs to keep the girl closer than ever to him.

What began as an adventure has now become something much darker as Sam continues to entertain dangerous delusions about the nature of their relationship.

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To prevent her from running away, Sam has tied the girl up in a sea cave near Whitby.

He continues to entertain dangerous delusions about the nature of their relationship.