Going Straight [15md]


0120170313by Melissa Murray

When lesbian Emma begins an affair with a man she finds that she has inadvertently betrayed the trust of the people she holds most dear A comedy drama about sex, work and family.

Directed by Marc Beeby.

0220170314by Melissa Murray

Pressure mounts on lesbian Emma to tell her best friend Kirsty about her affair with a man - news that could ruin both their relationship and Kirsty's business.

Directed by Marc Beeby.

0320170315by Melissa Murray

Emma tells Kirsty that she has been having an affair - with disastrous consequences.

Directed by Marc Beeby.

0420170316by Melissa Murray

Emma has been sacked by her best friend Kirsty and boyfriend Isaac makes a bid to save her job. But Kirsty is determined to do the right thing.

Directed by Marc Beeby.

0520170317by Melissa Murray

With Kirsty's business in ruins, her new boyfriend Isaac uncontactable, and her former lover, Mary, working in Croatia, Emma needs allies to get her life back on track.

Directed by Marc Beeby.