A Golden Age

By Tahmina Anam, read by Sudha Bhuchar.

Set in Bangladesh during the War of Independence of 1971, this is the story of a mother's attempts to protect her son and daughter as the country is torn apart.


02Shona20070313As tensions rise in her adopted country of East Pakistan and her children are drawn further into the independence movement, Rehana recalls how she protected them when they were taken away from her a decade ago.
03Operation Searchlight20070314As Mrs Chowdhury hosts an engagement party for Silvi and Sabeer, tanks roll into Dhaka.

The onset of war forces Sohail to make a difficult choice.

04Wooden Weapons20070315As Sohail sets off to join the Bengali freedom fighters, Maya challenges her mother's loyalty to her adopted country.

Rehana realises that she also must take sides.

05An Unexpected Guest20070316From the guerrillas' headquarters in Dhaka, Sohail and his friends set out on their first operation.

They return with a casualty.

06Rehana's Secret20070319As Rehana continues to nurse the Major, the time has come to unburden her own conscience.
07Something You Can Do20070320News that Silvi's husband Sabeer has been captured by the army brings Sohail to Dhaka to beg his mother for help.
08A Red-tipped Bird20070321Rehana risks everything as she sets out with her brother-in-law to rescue Sabeer.
09Salt Lake20070322Fearful for her safety in Dhaka, Rehana joins Maya in Calcutta.

Amid the teeming crowds of refugees, she sees a familiar face.

10 LASTTake My Affliction20070323The end of the war is in sight, but Sohail and his friends have one last mission to carry out and Rehana has a terrible choice to make.