Programme Catalogue - Details: 30 October 198719910811First broadcast on 1987-10-30

Producer: C. MARTIN


Copyright and performance fee A comedy of the ancient world in which Lucius is turned into an ass. With the mind of a man he observes the life of his times while suffering abduction by bandits, attack by a she bear, the carnal love of a noble lady and much more.

Subject Categories

classic drama programmes (genre)

Broadcast history

30 Oct 1987 21:10-23:10 (RADIO 3)

11 Aug 1991 21:35-23:35 (RADIO 3)


Terry Molloy (Actor)

Charlotte Martin (Actor)

Richard Griffiths (Actor)

Avril Clark (Actor)

Andy Hockley (Actor)

Gillian Goodman (Actor)

Rob Swinton (Actor)

Geoff Serle (Actor)

Tim Brierley (Actor)

Claire Faulconbridge (Actor)

Richard Allenson (Actor)

Alan Meadows (Actor)

Hu Pryce (Actor)

Peter Mackie (adap)

Lucius Apuleius (Author)

Philip Martin (Producer)

Recorded on 1987-05-09

Richard Griffiths (Actor)

Rob Swinton (Actor)

Recorded on 1987-05-09.

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