Golden Flowers For Flaxen Hair


Genome: [r4 Bd=19690310]A new play for radio by Patrick Simpson with Barry Justice

Joanna Dunham , Ronald Adam

A palace at Winchester: A.D. 959

Against the grim setting of a Saxon court a young prince woos his lovely child-bride. Their romance, distasteful alike to the Church and to certain courtiers, leads them relentlessly towards a tragic fate.

with Hilda Kriseman

Alaric Cotter , Antony Viccars

Music composed by DAVID MUNROW played by DAVID MUNROW and GILLIAN REID


Joanna Dunham is in ' Soldiers at the New Theatre. London

Genome: [r4 Bd=19690310] Unknown: Patrick Simpson

Unknown: Barry Justice

Unknown: Joanna Dunham

Unknown: Ronald Adam

Unknown: Hilda Kriseman

Unknown: Alaric Cotter

Unknown: Antony Viccars

Composed By: David Munrow

Played By: David Munrow

Unknown: Gillian Reid

Produced By: Archie Campbell

Produced By: Joanna Dunham

Guthrie and Eric, two courtiers: Peter William,

Guthrie and Eric, two courtiers: Peter Baldwin

Edwy, the young king: Barry Justice

Edgar (twelve), his brother: Paul Dorfman

Wilfred, his friend: Michael Deacon

Elgiva, his cousin: Joanna Dunham

Lady Ethel, her mother: Joan Miller

Abbot Dunstan: Wilfrid Carter

Edred, the old king: Ralph Truman

Archbishop Oda: Ronald Adam

Apstone, a priest: Hector Ross

Clonrig, another priest: John Pullen