AD20141008The Golden Record was one of two phonograph records on the Voyager spacecraft, containing sounds and images of Earth's life and culture - a cosmic message in a bottle to outer space. It was created by a team lead by Carl Sagan, and there is a real love story behind the science.

Carl Sagan was an author, astronomer and sceptic who popularised science. In 1977 he was tasked, with his colleague Ann Druyan, writer, activist and academic, with creating a 'golden record', a compilation of sounds and images to be launched into space. This disc would represent life on Earth, a greeting to worlds light-years away.

Sagan and Druyan raced against time to perfect 'the ultimate mix-tape', and fell in love. It was not straightforward - Sagan was already married. However, in one phone call, they agreed that whatever lay ahead, they needed to be together.

They were together until Sagan's death in 1996. In 2012, the Voyager spacecraft left our solar system forever.

The writers

Duncan MacMillan recent credits include the award winning Lungs, and co-writing West End hit, 1984. Effie Woods is an actress and new writer, credits include Arcola Theatre and her own food blog.

The cast

Carl Sagan - Kerry Shale

Ann Druyan - Nancy Crane

Linda Sagan - Clare Cage

John Casani - Mathew Gravelle

Tim - Chris Jack

Director - Polly Thomas

Sound designer - Cathy Robinson

A BBC Cymru/Wales production or BBC Radio 4.