Graveyards In My Closet [Drama]


20200806By Daf James

When Daf was 11 he made a momentous discovery about his grandparents. The true story of a dark family secret.

in 1931 Daf’s Nan was five years old; her father took her to her grandparents’ house in the mountains of North Wales and told her that her mother was dead. He then left her there and never came back. This event sparked a lifetime of secrets that reverberated across the last century. Today, Daf wrestles with the story; but he’s not sure whose story it is, where it truly starts or what any of it means. Armed with a cast of actors, and the help of his dad, Daf sets out to explore the skeletons in his family’s closet.

Daf James is an award-winning playwright, screenwriter, composer and performer working in both English and Welsh. As a screenwriter he is part of the 2019 BBC TV Drama Writers’ Programme. Graveyards in My Closet is a follow-up to his Radio 4 drama My Mother Taught Me How to Sing.

Narrator …. Daf James
Little Daf …. Fflyn Edwards
Mam Aberteifi …. Siw Hughes
Hanna …. Carys Eleri
Grandad …. Ifan Huw Dafydd
Douglas …. Himself

Directed by James Robinson
A BBC Cymru Wales Production

By Daf James. The true story of a writer's dark family secret.

Drama from BBC Radio 4