The Great Air Race


Genome: [r4 Bd=19700107]In 1919 the Government of Australia offered £10,000 for the first successful flight to Australia from Great Britain in a machine manned by Australians. This is the story of the men who won the prize. Written by ARTHUR SWINSON based on the book by NELSON EUSTIS With

Produced by HERBERT SMITH (Postponed from 11 December)


Written By: Arthur Swinson

Book By: Nelson Eustis

Produced By: Herbert Smith

Narrator: David Mahlowe;

Captain Ross Smith: Trader Faulkner

Lieut Keith Smith: Kerry Francis

Sgt W. Shiers: Brian Miller

Sgt W. Shiers: Sean Arnold

Sgt W. Shiers: Garard Green

Sgt W. Shiers: Ronald Harvi

Sgt W. Shiers: Mervyn Patrick