Great Expectations [Documentary]

Three programmes following midwives at work in very different parts of the United Kingdom.


0101Midwives And Monitors1998050419990118Having learnt to say `push' in 20 different languages, a midwife at Homerton Hospital in East London may have to cope with anything from knife fights on the ward to the possibility that 30 of their annual 4,500 babies might all arrive on Christmas Day.
0102Birthrights And Bleepers1998051119990125If your idea of a midwife is a tall, blonde Australian on a motorbike, then Alice Coyle fits the bill.

Her clients are women who want to give birth at home.

In the Western Isles, home visiting can mean braving rough seas and, on one occasion, delivering a baby in a horsebox.

0103 LASTEveryday Miracles1998051819990201An emergency in the Hebrides can mean the transfer by helicopter of a woman in labour, or a 90-mile ambulance ride.

Even in hospital, things can go wrong, and midwives may have to cope with the trauma of a stillborn baby, helping the mother through her grief.