Great Expectations


02The Gentleman2006080620060812

Pip arrives in London to meet with the lawyer Jaggers, who will play such a vital part in his life.

He makes friends with Herbert Pocket, and learns how to be a gentleman, although true love and happiness still elude him.

03 LASTThe Truth2006081320060819

Pip discovers the truth about his own benefactor, the sorrows of Estella's life, and the value of loyalty, faithfulness and friendship.

01The Common Boy2006073020060805

Young Pip is an orphan living with his shrewish sister and her kindly blacksmith husband.

One Christmas Eve, he is surprised by a convict and forced to steal for him.

his single good deed of Pip's leads him to the pursuit of expectations of wealth, a better position in life, and happiness; but he has many hard lessons to learn before he achieves that.

  • aged parent....sam beazley
  • biddy....Robin Weaver
  • compeyson....Harry Myers
  • director Marilyn Imrie
  • estella....Anna Maxwell Martin
  • herbert....Adrian Scarborough
  • jaggers....Roger Allam
  • joe....Jim Carter
  • magwitch....Ken Campbell
  • miss havisham....Janet Suzman
  • molly....Maggie Mccarthy
  • mr pocket....David Thorpe
  • mrs joe....Pam Ferris
  • orlick....Ben Crowe
  • pip....Oliver Milburn
  • pumblechook....christopher benjamin
  • watchman....Ben Crowe
  • wemmick....Stephen Critchlow
  • young estella....ellie beaven
  • young herbert....milo clare
  • young pip....angus imrie