The Great Monkey Trial


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The State of Tennessee v

John Thomas Scopes adapted from the original transcripts by Peter Goodchild , and recorded in Hollywood. With Tyne Daly ,

Edward Asner and Charles Durning.

In 1925, in the small town of Dayton, a young schoolmaster was indicted for teaching Darwin's Theory of Evolution, because "it denied the story of the Divine

Creation as taught in the Bible". Fundamentalists and Evolutionists soon locked antlers.

Narrator Tyne Daly.

Producer Susan Loewenberg and Martin Jenkins


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Genome: [r4 Bd=19920308]

Unknown: John Thomas Scopes

Unknown: Peter Goodchild

Unknown: Tyne Daly

Unknown: Edward Asner

Unknown: Charles Durning.

Narrator: Tyne Daly.

Producer: Susan Loewenberg

Producer: Martin Jenkins

Judge Raulstan: John Randolph

William Jennings Bryan: Edward Asner

Tom Stewart: Harris Yulin

Ben McKenzie: Logan Ramsey

Clarence Darrow: Charles Durning

DF Malone: Harold Gould

A G Hays: Gerrit Graham